BIOPHARMA., JSC is a young company, we are always oriented to develop the business in a clear, durable and strong way in the field of research, production and distribution of biological products , herbal extracts in preventing and improving resistance on cattle, poultry, waterfowl. And another area where Biopharma developed together is the pharmaceutical industry for humans. All products, services and strategies of the company are always aimed at a goal that "Green - green" is safe for the clean environment for human life.

Consistent with the goals set out, over time to study and participate in business activities, as well as an inevitable trend in the future, the development of the livestock industry will be more professional, the scale will be larger, yes More farms and farms have developed and will definitely need to use more products such as biological products, herbal extracts in the prevention and raising of resistance for animals. Moreover, Biopharma always receives enthusiastic support, support and advice from State management agencies, organizations and many individuals with deep expertise in the field of biotechnology and herbal extracts. Since then, Biopharma has been focusing on researching, exploring many new formulas, many new and excellent products suitable for breeding conditions in our country, as well as training human resources, applying new technologies , to bring Biopharma to become a leading company in Vietnam operating in the field of research, production and distribution of biotech products, herbal extracts.

In current livestock, the use of antibiotics in the prevention and treatment of diseases in animals is essential to help pets prevent and overcome pathogens, but there is a fact that many scientists , those who have expertise and breeders are concerned that overuse of antibiotics, improper use will cause undesirable consequences such as: Greasy phenomenon, antibiotic residues, affecting ability Growth and development of pets, and more importantly, it will affect the environment and human health. Seeing these facts, Biopharma identified a clear strategy that will focus on researching new scientific advances in the field of biotechnology and herbs in order to offer perfect products and services to Breeders apply a goal to limit and replace a part of antibiotics in the breeding process that brings high economic efficiency.

Biopharma always wants to accompany the breeders towards a new solution, the new technology is the application of biotechnology and herbal extract in livestock, according to the destiny that Biopharma set is green for one New future "Green life!"